Picked up a New Hobby

during the Pandemic.

— April 27th 2020 

During this time of lockdown, I have picked up this new hobby – cycling. I have recently moved into my new place in CPH and although there are public transportation and metro running 24/7 but during this time of lockdown and social distancing, there has been a decrease not only in passengers but the amount of public transportation too.

I got a bike for 3 reasons:


1) I try to avoid being in the public with many people as much as possible during this time of pandemic.


2) Save money. No need for an explanation. Y’all get it.


3) Flexibility. Even when this pandemic is over and things are going back to ‘normal’, the best way to get around this city will still be on a bike.


Not gonna lie, it’s def. interesting to be an owner of a bicycle now. Last time I had a bike was when I was a child and never had one as an adult. During my teen and adult life, I have just been sticking to public transportation and I still to this day enjoy it very much.

The past few years while living in Vietnam, I was an owner of a scooter… cause that’s just how you do it there. I was living like a local (even picked up some tricks and skills of how to bargain – maybe I can share this story later) and adapted to the culture by having a scooter/motorbike that took me around. It was easy, convenient and effortless.

Now that I’m back here, I’m adapting to this way of living on this part of the world  commuting on a bicycle like anyone else and I’m so loving it! It makes me wonder why I didn’t get into it looong ago?!



Well, lemme tell you about the bike I got. It’s a road bike. I have been specifically looking for this type. My mom asked me the other day: “Why don’t you get a normal women bike? It looks so manly” Ahh… no thanks. Not my thing. I like a sporty bike that is fast and that can take me up the hills easily. I could’ve gotten an electronic bike but I decided to keep it traditional on this part — maybe down the road, I will experiment with that and there is a big possibility that I would because as of late, I have been into bikes. I think my search and watch history are all about this – I even get ads recommendation now. 


I can reveal that my next project will be to build a bike from scratch. I want to get different bike components and build a new bike on my own. There is just something really exciting about taking the bike components apart, putting them back together and modifying it to your own liking… I def. have been doing a lot of those with this current bike that I have. I feel like I have this “Aha!” and ‘high’ moments of ‘figuring out the sequence’ of how a bike works and the different parts, that I feel confident that I can build mine later on the road – thanks to the endless of videos on YouTube, teaching me how to. Seems like that’s how we learn things nowadays.

I already have my eyes on a frame, the type of bike I want to build and how I’m going to execute this. But for now, I will enjoy this bike of mine. So far it’s been really fun to ride around this city and explore the area I just moved to.




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