In the

— September 2nd 2019 

Sooo.. now comes the topic that I’ve been over the top excited about to talk about – my avocado plants a.k.a my babies.

Have you ever felt like This is what flying does to me. I often times find myself in my own thoughts while flying and being in the air. The moment of just gazing out of the plane’s small window and seeing the skies and like the plane is floating in the air. When we fly, we are not on the earth yet we are not completely out in the atmosphere – we are in the in-between. Not only inbetween for that reason, but it also feels like I’m in-between life and death. Those who know me, see that I travel often but they don’t know that I’m actually afriad of height and flying. Everytime I fly, I always get freighten and always tell me myself that it wasn’t a good idea for me to go on this trip, whenever I experience turbulents. But whenever I land safely in one piece, I forget about how I have felt. When you fly, the difference between life and death is a matter of inches, and I also have that thought in mind. I think of all kinds of scenerios