— May 26th 2019 

One night, I was helping my partner cleaning up the mess behind her TV after some hanging plants had fallen down, broke the pot and made a big mess on the floor. That’s when I spotted the cord and wire clutter. It was the sort of frightening spaghetti monster cord that had been hiding for a long time, covered in dirt, soil and small pieces laying around. There was no way I would let it be, even if it meant I had to set more time aside to curling and forming little knots. I don’t even mind!

As I was clearing the clutter, I realized how lovely the electric plugs actually were, and I had never really noticed them before, and it occurred to me how much I overlook some of the things I surround myself with.

Everyday. Ordinary. is a illustrations and patterns inspired from mundane objects around the house – it is my way of showing appreciation and finding beauty in objects I usually take for granted.


I think we sometimes forget how wonderful and intriguing our everyday life is. If we change our perspective, we can often create something interesting from an ordinary placeI have found, it has little to do with the things we see and EVERYTHING to do with the way we see them.

It’s not about finding the most remarkable subject matter in order to create impeccable art pieces. 

Beauty exists in the everyday.

Wires frustrate me, and I can spend a good amount of time, trying to conceal them. The illustrations above, are my attempt to embrace the chaos that I often times can’t escape.

The Outside World:

Finding beauty in this madness.

The madness of wires are not only found inside the homes but also outside, especially when you’re living in Vietnam. You see wires everywhere you go.

When arriving in Vietnam for the first time, the first things people notice are the traffic and motorbike culture; appearing as chaos. The second thing on the list is probably the mangled electrical wiring above their head on the streets. The electrical poles often look like bird’s nests, thrown together with no real rhyme or reason.

As I stare at it, I can’t help but wonder how it’s even possible, but somehow it works and it has worked for decades.




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