A love letter to

your Cellulite.

— July 15th 2019 

Cellulite. A word that normally doesn’t carry a positive connotation in people’s minds.

I personally have never struggled with them but I see people close to me have, in particular my own partner. Therefore, this really hits home.

She recently made a video addressing this and it has inspired me to create a story about this topic – to write a love letter to her cellulite. An unusual, yet personal story that I’m dedicating to my partner, Charly. 

Dear Charly’s Cellulite,

Perhaps she has been cruel to you. Perhaps she has treated you like you’re the worst feature on her body. Perhaps she has been ashamed of you, and tried to hide you whenever she was publicly in a shorter dress. Perhaps she has greeted you every morning with tough grabs instead of with smiles and gentle touches.

… And honestly, in my opinion, you’re just like her cheek dimples, except you happen to be on her body. As cheesy as it may sound, just like her cheek dimples, you also keep smiling at me whenever I see you – like you are doing here in the picture below. 


You may not be smooth like she wants you to be, but you are a part of her. That alone is a reason for you to be loved and to be embraced, and I know over the years, she has been doing a damn good job at doing that. I know the journey to self-love and body acceptance is not an easy one. It takes time, patience and sometimes hard lessons. 

However, you have to understand, you can’t keep throwing all these love at her. Your love can be overwhelming, and there needs to be a balance, like there needs to be a balance in everything in life. Therefore, don’t be mad when she chooses to eat healthier, work out more frequent, or massaging you etc. She will take all the time she needs, and to find the best method that works for both her and you.

In return, I will try my best to make her be kind to you throughout this process. I will make sure she uses kind words to describe you, and even flood you with kind and positive affirmations (yes, I’m using ‘kind’ a lot). In the meanwhile, I will be over here, doing my thing, gently massaging you with all her fancy oils and natural remedies that I don’t even know what is what.

And eventually, she will get to see you as the way I see you – simply beautiful, as you always have been in my eyes (that was hella cheesy but I had to!). Now with this warmer Hanoi weather coming – she better be showing you off for the world to admire.






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